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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Weed is illegal almost everywhere in the world while it's the 3rd most popular recreational drug. That's kind a contradiction. Legal weed would make the world without a doubt a better place to live. Pot Law wants weed to be legal all over the world. No exceptions, and ideally today. And you know what? We're going to explain why, so that even those who are against legalization of marijuana will understand our position.

Current laws

What just a few people know, is that weed is illegal all over the world due to international law. To be specific, due to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs treaty, an update of the Paris convention. Even though marijuana is pretended to be legal in some countries, it's not. Furthermore, for the United States, use of marijuana is illegal due to federal law. The US states where  marijuana is legal are violating international and federal laws. To make marijuana really essentially legal, these two laws have to be voided first. However, the first US states already legalized marijuana, and nobody seems to care.

Public opinion

According to 68% of all USA citizens weed should be legalized immediately. These people all think legalizing marijuana would be better. Kinda strange that politics still ignore it. Especially because they're right. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. It doesn't damage your brain. Nobody ever died of an overdose. Smoking weed doesn't cause cancer, like smoking cigarettes does. The number of side effects from smoking marijuana is very limited.

Stimulating drug abuse

Currently, the US government is stimulating drug abuse. Because marijuana is illegal, many people buy it from drugs dealers. These drugs dealers also sell other drugs. And if you're already in the underground scene, why would you mind trying these? Marijuana isn't that much addictive, but other drugs definitely are. Apparently, prohibiting drugs works counterproductive.

The safe alternative

So, the government doesn't really care about our health. What they might care about, is our financial health. The use of marijuana makes car drivers, in contrast to the use of alcohol, more cautious. It doesn't result in any violence. After legalizing weed, the number of car crashes will be stagnating, just like the number of crimes will. Using weed does not result in criminal intentions. Legal marijuana will easily reduce the usage of alcohol and cigarettes. People will understand that smoking weed is much healthier and safer, while having about the same effect.

For the sake of our wellbeing and that of future generations, marijuana should be legalized. This might seem like a small step, but will appear to be a big step in the evolution of human beings. Let's make this step as soon as possible!

  • Jeezy

    Hallelujah !

  • just another person

    have you ever considered that it being healthy and un-harmful is one of the reasons it’s illegal, consider this, if it was legalized then lots more people would smoke it and then stop as you said smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (not to mention these two thing give the government millions if not billions) and the all the companies that gain an enormous profit from treating all these things people suffer from when using alcohol and tobacco would all lose out. and all the drug companies that have vested interests in all the medication that combat alcohol and tobacco problems and the other ones that combat the side effects that the drugs they give you (to combat alcohol and tobacco) earn them, unfortunately there’s alot of money to be made of people who suffer but if they legalized cannabis the all these companies would pretty much become useless and have to ether find another source of income or shut down.

    I too want cannabis to be legalized but there’s alot of powerful people and companies that would lose out from it happening (though it douse disgust me that there are people out the who want people to suffer to gain their next paycheck)

  • Sags

    I agree one of the problems are the assaholic. Polticians to pass the law. They are the people who need to get their shit together.

  • Georgia Mom of 2

    Isn’t it odd that the last 3 presidents of the United States found themselves in the White House, while people who did the same thing they did, find themselves in the “big house”. hummmm…..

  • Hansen DeLong Maryrobert

    I have been prescribed mental health narcotics and before that 25 years ago i was a pot smoker, and after using both marijuana and the narcotics the Marijuana would be best suited for my mental health…I will not use something illegally of the different strains there is one for me!

  • Roberts


  • me

    i don’t partake in weed but am seriously considering growing some.any pointers?i have this huge house am thinking indoors!

  • Wehms2

    People suggest marijuana should be legalized “to help balance the budget” and other such ridiculous ideas…..OK, it would help but jus VERY minorly. The real reason it should be legalized? SIMPLY because it’s the right thing to do!!! We live in what is supposed to be a “free” society….and yet we are denied this very simple freedom….at least in most States. It’s changing…..but after how many destroyed lives? It makes one sick…..

    • Gary Davidson

      I think I have heard enen B. Obama say “it’s the right thing to do!!!”

  • Ajay S Narayan

    Now a days, marijuana is considered as a natural alternative in the treatment of certain cancers and neurological disorders. It is best to go with a trained and certified professional for legitimate health reasons.